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Areas of vermiculite

Vermi Areas of vermiculite

High performance quality of exfoliated vermiculite ensure its application in various sectors of industrial activity:

1. In construction:

  • as bulk insulation of different cavities;
  • as filling plaster and lightweight concrete;
  • fire protection in walls, floors and ducts;
  • As gidroteploizolyatorov based bituminous binders.

2. In the steel industry:

  • for lining furnaces and foundry molds;
  • backfilling of conduit on the most fire stations.

3. In the chemical industry:

  • the transport of chemically aggressive fluids;
  • as a sorbent for the purification of water;
  • as a filter in the processes of filtration of suspensions;
  • to reduce the evaporation from open containers;
  • in the manufacture of paints and chemicals.

4. In ecology:

  • to clean air and waste water under normal and emergency situations.

5. In the energy sector:

  • for the isolation of boilers, and steam;
  • lining CHP.

6. In agriculture and horticulture:

  • to ensure optimal air humidity conditions of the soil;
  • to reduce the acidity and salinity;
  • to increase yields / crop;
  • for the storage of crops;
  • in hydroponics.

7. In animal husbandry and veterinary medicine:

  • as an effective feed additive;
  • as litter and animal filler toilets;
  • as a gastrointestinal adsorbent.

8. Other uses of vermiculite:

  • for insulation w / e tanks;
  • in the production of a warming exothermic mixtures;
  • processing of underwater vessels;
  • for packaging of dangerous substances;
  • as a sorbent for radioactive nuclear waste;
  • in the production of rubber, linoleum, plastic sheets, bakelite products and electrical mastics;
  • as a substitute for graphite gaskets;
  • as an additive for automotive lubricants;
  • as an insulating coating in the rocket;
  • as an inert filler in the manufacture of explosives;
  • as a catalyst to oil mills;
  • in the production of anti-friction products.

What is vermiculite?

Vermiculite (от лат. vermiculus — worm), mineral from the group hydromicas having a layered structure. It is a large plate-like crystals of golden-yellow or brown color. Upon heating of the plates are formed worm-like threads of gold bars or silver, or with a transverse division in the finest scales - (EXPANDED VERMICULITE)

That he has been widely used in many spheres of our life.