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ООО «Vermikulitnaya Company» is a young, dynamic company, founded in 2009 to provide enterprises of Belarus and the near abroad expanded vermiculite – the material of the XXI century, which finds increasing application in various sectors of the economy.

Expanded vermiculite from our company is environmentally friendly, safe and radiation free of carcinogenic impurities.

ООО «Vermikulitnaya Company» – the only one to date, commercial and industrial company engaged in the manufacture of expanded vermiculite in Belarus from high quality mineral imported from Uzbekistan.

ООО «Vermikulitnaya Company» – is the official distributor of the “Karakalpak vermi”, dedicated to the development of large deposits of high quality vermiculite in Karakalpakstan (Uzbekistan). Additional information about the company “Karakalpak Vermi” on the site www.vermiizol.uz

ООО «Vermikulitnaya Company» – has its own production in Zhabinka expanded vermiculite, and produces three fractions:

  • 1 ± 0,63 мм – Fine-grained vermiculite brand КВВ-1;
  • 2 ± 0,71 мм – medium-grade vermiculite КВВ-2;
  • 4 ± 1,4 мм – coarse vermiculite brand КВВ-4.

The quality offered by us, exfoliated vermiculite meets the highest international standards and confirmed by the relevant ‘permits and certificates “(download), but in terms of price and quality of our products is unparalleled not only in Belarus, but also throughout Europe.

The minimum rate of loading of 1 m3 (20 p / e bags) and, on request, we will ensure the delivery of expanded vermiculite or vermikulitnogo raw materials of “Karakalpak vermi” rail or road anywhere in the territory of Belarus.

Get detailed advice on the expanded vermiculite (download price) and you can place your order by contacting our head office located at: 225101, Belarus, Brest region, Zhabinka Street. Korotkin, 7.

Contact telephone numbers: +375 29 7962543, +375 29 7913781, +375 29 1243474

Develop business with us! We welcome you and look forward to establishing long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

What is vermiculite?

Vermiculite (от лат. vermiculus — worm), mineral from the group hydromicas having a layered structure. It is a large plate-like crystals of golden-yellow or brown color. Upon heating of the plates are formed worm-like threads of gold bars or silver, or with a transverse division in the finest scales - (EXPANDED VERMICULITE)

That he has been widely used in many spheres of our life.